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The History Behind Pizza Bella
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"Pizza Bella is a shining example of classic Italian cooking! This family owned establishment doesn’t look to impress with countless variety, but prefers to use outstanding ingredients and tried-and-true preparation.  I recommend this place to all my friends and colleagues!"

After owning a restaurant in Italy for over 15 years (Arrostacini House) The Chiavattis moved to Florida to retire.  One day, Mr. Chiavatti had stumbled upon the quaint island town of Matlacha and bought Pizza Bella – just like that!  Two weeks later, Mrs. Chiavatti was back in the kitchen cooking the same dishes she's been making since she was a little girl back home.  She makes the pasta fresh, herself, for every lasagna tray.  The gnocchis are a family recipe that go back generations and she lovingly hand rolls and cuts each one.  

There are no food processors in this kitchen!  Mrs. Chiavatti's answer to that is:  "you have to hand chop the vegetables fresh every day, it tastes better that way." 

To this day, everything passes through her hands.  The meatballs she hand rolls. Even the Tirimisu she makes is fresh and in-house.  There are no short cuts, no pre-cooking.  Customers are willing to wait a few minutes extra because they know that what she makes is it fresh to order each and every time.  

After the loss of Mr. Chiavatti (or, lovingly referred to by locals as 'Papa Bella') , many thought that Mrs. Chiavatti would close up the pizzeria but it's kept her going and has been a sense of comfort for her and the family.  Her customers have become her 'extended family' and the island has embraced her as one of their own.  Everyone has been extremely kind and she genuinely looks forward to seeing her regular customers every week. 

Often times, tables full of locals that know one another end up pushing the tables together until the entire dining room looks like one big party.  It's a scene from any  Sunday family dinner when everyone joins together eating, laughing and just enjoying each other's company.  That's what it feels like when you come here to Pizza Bella.  It's so much more than just a pizzeria. Come and join us for lunch or dinner and experience it for yourself!